Amaranth 'Autumn Palette' Seeds (Amaranthus paniculatus)
Amaranth 'Autumn Palette'
(Amaranthus paniculatus)

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Amaranth 'Autumn Palette' is a mix of tall, vigorous plants with flowering plumes in a wide range of colors from pale green through creamy tan to orange-brown. It makes an impression when massed in a large grouping.

Autumn Palette amaranth begins blooming relatively early, and the flowers gradually deepen in color as autumn nears.

With its large heads and plentiful seeds, Autumn Palette is a good variety for growing as a cereal grain.

height 7'

Sowing Amaranth 'Autumn Palette' Seeds

Sow amaranth seeds outdoors close to the last frost date. Or start indoors 4 weeks early. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Thin to 15" apart. Full sun.

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