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Daylily Seeds -- Clearance Sale!

These daylily seeds are from the 2013 harvest. Each seed-grown daylily is genetically unique. No two are alike. Click here for daylily seeds page 2

Store daylily seeds in the fridge until planting time. For sowing instructions,
see Starting Daylily Seeds.

Click on the name of the daylily for a picture. For descriptions of the plants,
see Diane's Daylilies. Listed by pollen parent with pod parents following.

Name       3 seeds per packet       price       #pkts available  

Frank's Adorable Candy on:

      Casa Des Juan                           $3            1

      Celebration of Angels               $3            1

      Precious Candy                         $3            1

Fringy on:

      Celebration of Angels              $3            1

      Gillian                                        $3            2

      Precious Candy                         $3            1

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Daylily Seeds

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