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Hardy Hibiscus Seeds

Hibiscus lasiocarpus  
Hairy Rose Mallow
4-5'. White to pink flowers. Native perennial wildflower. 40 seeds, $2.25

Hibiscus moscheutos Mix  
Hardy Hibiscus
4-5'. Pink, white, red, and bicolor flowers from named varieties. 40 seeds, $3.25
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Hibiscus palustris  
Swamp Rose Mallow
4-5'. Pale pink flowers in late summer. Native perennial. 40 seeds, $2.25

Sowing Hardy Hibiscus Seeds:
Nick seeds with fingernail clippers, then soak in warm water for 24 hours. Sow indoors 8 weeks before the last frost date, 1/4" deep. Full sun to light shade. Spacing 3'. Store seeds in the fridge.

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Hardy Hibiscus mosheutos

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