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Gypsophila elegans
(Baby's Breath)

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photo by Jonna Sudenius              
Gypsophila elegans

Gypsophila elegans is a beautiful annual with pure white flowers on tall, thin stems. The flowers attract bees and butterflies.

Gypsophila elegans is a highly popular cut flower. It's also a terrific filler in the garden or containers. It blooms 8 weeks after sowing. Sow in succession to prolong the bloom season.

Gypsophila elegans is native to Asia and Europe. Also known as Annual Baby's Breath and Showy Baby's Breath.

height 18"

Sowing Gypsophila elegans Seeds

Sow seeds outdoors in late spring. Sow on the surface, pressing the seeds into the soil. Full sun. Spacing 10".

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Gypsophila elegans