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Cosmidium Brunette
Cosmidium 'Brunette'

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Cosmidium burridgeanum 'Brunette'

Cosmidium 'Brunette' blooms from mid summer to fall with gold-rimmed mahogany flowers. The graceful plants have finely cut foliage.

Cosmidium burridgeanum 'Brunette' combines well with other plants in borders and wildflower gardens. The long-stemmed flowers are nice for cutting.

Cosmidium burridgeanum is a native wildflower. It reseeds on bare soil in full sun. Deadheading can prolong the bloom season. Also known as Burridge's Greenthread and Thelesperma burridgeanum.

height 20"

Sowing Cosmidium 'Brunette' Seeds

Sow seeds outdoors after the last frost date. Or start indoors 4-6 weeks early. Barely cover with soil. Full sun. Spacing 12".

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